Report: Twenty percent of peak downstream Internet used for Netflix?

If you're anything like us, you're both smart and incredibly good looking. Also, you're sarcastic. And in addition to all that, you spend much of your downtime enjoying streaming media on your computer, or your Internet-enabled TV, or perhaps even your fancy-pants cellphone. And it looks like, indeed, much of the country is "anything like us" -- at least according to Sandvine, Inc., of Waterloo, Ontario. The network hardware manufacturer has released a report that concludes that over twenty percent of stateside peak time downstream Internet traffic is gobbled up by Netflix streams, with the heaviest use going down in the primetime hours between 8 to 10 pm. We're sure that this is no surprise to Netflix itself, whose CEO recently stated that the company is primarily a streaming company that just happens to mail out DVDs to some customers; but still, the figure is pretty staggering. You can draw your own conclusions, but we're just happy to no longer live in a place where the only thing to watch on a Thursday night is The World According To Jim.