Speedlink Cue does the multitouch hybrid mouse thing

Honestly, while Apple's Magic Mouse is a bit of a pioneer in its application of a multitouch surface on a "regular" tracking mouse, it's not exactly easy or comfortable to perform multitouch gestures with it. Plus there's the little problem of no official driver for Windows. Speedlink's Cue mouse looks to be solving at least one of those problems, maybe even both. The wireless 1000 dpi optical mouse is naturally PC-compatible, with software to allow you to configure your own gestures, and it has a somewhat flatter and more extensive touch surface than the Magic Mouse, which might make gestures a bit more doable. Basically, it's somewhere in between the Magic Mouse and the Magic Trackpad, minus the hyperbole, and plus clear demarcation of right and left click. It'll retail for €40 when it ships in November (about $56 USD).