AT&T now shipping BlackBerry Curve 3G

The way AT&T announced the Curve 3G a few weeks back, they made it sound like prospective buyers could be in for a wait following the October 17 release of the Pearl 3G, but not so much -- it's already available. You'll pay $99.99 on contract after rebates and discounts for the privilege of putting the latest Curve model in your pocket, featuring a 2 megapixel camera, 3G support, and compatibility with BlackBerry 6 -- whenever RIM and AT&T decide that the update is ready for prime time. Of course, with a QVGA display, we think we might be tempted to go for a Bold 9700 instead or wait for the 9780 -- but seeing how AT&T is still charging $200 on contract for the Bold line, this bad boy will save you a Benjamin. Tough call!

[Thanks, Trey M.]