Droid Pro appears at Verizon for $299?

If you're looking to get some BlackBerry up in your Droid, brace yourself for a premium price. Motorola's Droid Pro worldphone was just spotted at a Verizon test website for $299 on-contract and as much as $700 unsubsidized. Should the 1GHz unit arrive as shown without a chunky rebate of some sort, it would be the most expensive Android handset on offer -- a solid $50 more than Samsung's $250 Epic 4G -- a heck of a thing for an 320 x 480 resolution phone without a huge Super AMOLED screen. Perhaps this pricing is preliminary, however, or perhaps dual-mode CDMA / GSM chipsets don't come cheap. We suppose we'll find out the answer to the latter question when the HTC Merge finally appears.

[Thanks, JP]