Google revises internal privacy practices, appoints director of privacy

Google's run into quite a number of privacy concerns in the past, and things hit something of a tipping point earlier this year when it was revealed that the company was snooping on WiFi data while it was collecting Street View images. Now Google has finally come back with some answers to some privacy questions it says it's been studying for the past several months. First and foremost is the appointment of Alma Whitten as the company's new directory of privacy, who will manage Google's privacy efforts across both engineering and product management, and ensure that the company builds "effective privacy controls" into its products and internal practices. Backing that up is some expanded privacy training, including a new program that all employees will be required to take beginning in December, and some new internal compliance procedures, which includes a requirement that every engineering project leader maintain a privacy design document for each project they're working on. Hit up the source link below for the company's complete statement on the matter.