The Daily Grind: Want a box with that?

With the proliferation of digital-download gaming going on these days, it's getting progressively harder for those of us that care about box copies, collectors editions, cheesy cloth maps, and cheaply produced pewter figurines to get our fix. It's obvious why developers and publishers love digital delivery, as it saves them a lot of distribution money, but does it really benefit the consumer aside from scratching our instant gratification itch?

As I look over at the MMO box museum cluttering the shelves of my game room, I take no small amount of comfort in the fact that I got something tangible for my fifty bucks, even though in most cases the games themselves were incapable of sustaining my interest past the free month. In fact, I've only purchased a digital download twice: Fallen Earth (and I later obtained a box just because) and Darkfall (still hunting for a box).

Subscription-based MMOs are inherently more about renting than owning but -- for now at least -- you can still get a physical copy of your favorite virtual world and, if you're lucky, an outdated manual and a map. Today we ask you, dear readers, do you want a box, or are you OK with leaving your games on a remote server?

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