Dress up in new costumes with Super Hero Squad Online!

Children of all ages (yup, that includes most of the adults out there) have dressed up for Halloween as their favorite super hero. The Super Hero Squad Online from Marvel and Gazillion is giving out new costumes for the kids (and adults) this trick-or-treat season. We all know what the classic Spider-man costume looks like, right? Well, why not try the black costume? Or maybe a red Hulk fits you better? Whatever best helps you to hero up! Each costume is not just a cover to wear over your existing costume, but they are full-fledged heroes with their own emotes and superpowers that are different from any other hero.

After the costume try-ons are over, go play the amazing online trading card game or save Super Hero City from evil. What? You haven't signed up for beta yet? Well, get over there an do it now, and while you're at it you can sign up your children, too. Gazillion is looking for a whole range of different testers! And if you haven't seen the "spooky" Halloween trailer, you can watch it by hitting "Read More" below.

'Nuff said.