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No custom ringtones for Windows Phone 7? (video)

No custom ringtones for Windows Phone 7? (video)
Joseph L. Flatley
Joseph L. Flatley|October 25, 2010 3:43 PM
We just sat through an eight minute long video of someone at Pocketnow sampling every ringtone on his HTC Surround. Why did we do this? Just wanted to see if we could stand it; suffice it to say, we never want to hear a ringtone again. Perhaps more importantly, our man points out that Microsoft seems to have left the ability to add your own custom ringtones out of Windows Phone 7 altogether. The Surround itself has a couple recognizable fan favorites that we recognize from AT&T and HTC phones past, so it looks like manufacturers and carriers will be able to bring their own to the table, but for the end user, it looks like you won't be able to roll your own -- at least for the time being. And now we're going to go put our phones on vibrate.

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