Apple delays white iPhone 4 into spring 2011

Let's just be honest, Apple: white stuff is impossible to manufacture. In fact, scientists have yet to prove that white even exists, so we're not sure why you're bothering to try to make a phone out of it! That's right: after a missed availability date in July and another delay after that, Cupertino has once again pushed back the manufacture of the palest iPhone 4 -- this time clear into spring of 2011. It won't say why, but in all likelihood, they're still dealing with the same manufacturing woes they've had from the start. By the time mid-2011 rolls around, it seems probable that the release will be butting up against news of the iPhone 4's successor -- or at the very least, a CDMA version of the phone -- so it'll be fascinating to see how this timeline unfolds. In the meantime, yeah... might want to give up the wait and go for black.