Sprint opens M2M Collaboration Center, we check it out

Yesterday we attended the opening of Cyberdyne Systems Corporation's labs Sprint's M2M Collaboration Center, where we were treated to demos of machine-to-machine (M2M) technology -- in other words, machines talking to one another over Sprint's network, a precursor to self-aware doombots on a mission to reclaim CDMA and WiMAX for their own nefarious purposes. (We kid.) The center is designed for Sprint -- and partners like Ericsson, Intel, Panasonic, and Bug Labs -- to develop and test embedded wireless 3G and 4G devices such as medical equipment, digital billboards and kiosks, remote sensors, utility meters, appliances, evil-looking 3-legged surveillance cameras, and vehicle tracking / monitoring systems. Imagine a wireless future where everything communicates with everything else... yes, we suggest you sleep with one eye open, because the machines are taking over. Resistance is futile.

Video and press release after the break!

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Sprint launches M2M Collaboration Center; 30 diverse industry leaders join as partners to assist businesses with M2M development

Axeda, Ericsson, Fusion Wireless, Intel and Panasonic headline partner team as Premier Partners of the Sprint M2M Collaboration Center.

Sprint's inaugural team of 30 partners brings wide-ranging M2M knowledge and capabilities directly to innovators in a working laboratory setting – including specialized expertise in 3G and 4G mobile networks and devices, telematics, embedded computing, cloud computing, vertical industry solutions and wireless prototyping and testing.

SAN FRANCISCO – Oct. 26, 2010 – Companies with new product and service ideas for machine-to-machine and embedded computing now have a place to bring them to life in direct collaboration with leading names in networking, computing and applications technology. Sprint (NYSE: S) opens its M2M Collaboration Center today in Burlingame, Calif., providing a true roll-up-your sleeves workshop where partners and enterprise customers work side by side to develop commercially viable offerings based on M2M, or machine-to-machine technology.

M2M takes wireless beyond the mobile phone by interconnecting a vast variety of electronic devices. Along with Sprint business customers, the 30 inaugural members of the M2M Collaboration Center's partner ecosystem will be able to use the center as a working laboratory for wirelessly connecting devices as varied as routers, medical equipment, laptops, tablets, digital billboards, cameras, remote sensors, utility meters and appliances.

"The Sprint M2M Collaboration Center brings together a remarkable roster of M2M talent and resources, including some of the world's foremost innovators in mobile networks, devices, telematics, embedded computing, cloud computing, vertical industry solutions and wireless prototyping and testing," said Danny Bowman, president-Sprint Integrated Solutions Group. "The center gives our partners and customers a unique opportunity to match these resources with a combination of 4G, 3G and IP capabilities that only Sprint can deliver today."

The M2M Collaboration Center brings two major advantages to its participating ecosystem partners. The partners can work closely with each other to identify complementary technologies and drive M2M innovation. And they can use their collective strength to help Sprint customers accelerate their own M2M development cycles to rapidly bring products and services to market. Sprint M2M Collaboration Center partners will also participate in events, structured workshops, technical briefings and other knowledge development programs targeted to the M2M developer community. In addition, the newly launched Sprint Command Center Store offers an online store where developers can purchase developer kits, modules and rapid prototype solutions. The Command Center Store also enables management of M2M devices throughout the development process.

Following is a complete list of inaugural partners contributing their innovation and expertise to the Sprint M2M Collaboration Center as it launches:

Premier Partners
Axeda: Cloud platform and M2M applications –

Ericsson: Networking, multimedia solutions, embedded modules, mobile device platforms and systems integration –

Fusion Wireless: Full-featured, high-quality modules to enable cost-effective M2M solutions –

Intel Corporation: Standardized connected-computing solutions for M2M smart services –

Panasonic: Innovative display technology for embedded computing and M2M –

Participating Partners
BL Healthcare: Healthcare solutions –

Bug Labs: M2M product deployment and development platform –

Digi: M2M device networking –

DriveCam: The Driver Science Company –

Feeney Wireless: Emerging M2M solutions –

Franklin Wireless: 3G and 4G device solutions –

Grid Net: Smart Grid –

I.C.G.: Interactive Digital Media Solutions –

Janus Remote Communications: M2M device networking –

MediaTile: 3G/4G Cellular Digital Signage solutions featuring the HumanKiosk –

Multi-Tech Systems: M2M device networking –

Nimble Wireless: Fleet and telematics solutions –

Omnilink: Asset- and people-tracking solutions –

OnAsset Intelligence: Asset management and intelligence solutions for land, sea and air freight –

Popstar Networks: Innovative 3G/4G digital media solutions and services for large-scale digital signage networks –

Pacific Controls: Smart Grid –

Reflection Solutions: Telehealth and unified communications –

Sendum: Asset-tracking solutions –

Sierra Wireless: M2M devices and embedded solutions –

SmartSynch: Smart Grid –

STS: City-Wide Video Surveillance, Mobile Computing and In-Vehicle Router solutions –

Top Global: M2M device networking –

Trimble: Fleet and telematics –

Walsh Wireless: Usage-based insurance –

Winncom – i2C Technologies: Security camera solutions –

"The Sprint M2M Collaboration Center hits the ground running with cutting-edge partners whose expertise spans the fastest-growing areas of M2M," said Wayne Ward, vice president-Sprint Emerging Solutions Group and Sprint's leading representative located in the Silicon Valley community. "Today's launch adds another important facet to Sprint's open approach, which includes our Open Device Initiative and 10 years of experience certifying non-Sprint-branded devices on our networks."

Ward and Bowman were among several executives from Sprint and the ecosystem partner team who participated in the opening ceremony today for the M2M Collaboration Center in Burlingame, a short drive from Silicon Valley.

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