Bullet Train Express Platform: a $99 home for your Apple keyboard and Magic Trackpad

You're a dude (or dudette) that likes to be prepared, right? It's the Boy Scout motto, after all. To that end, we're surmising that you're already gearing up for OS X 10.7, and while that new finger exercise regimen will definitely pay off in the long run, Bullet Train's Express Keyboard Platform is what you're really in need of. For all intents and purposes, this is a $99 slab of aluminum, precisely crafted to hold an Apple Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. Essentially, the trio creates the bottom portion of a MacBook Pro, albeit with a larger touchpad and a slate of keys that aren't nearly as dark. The outfit's charging quite a premium for this thing, but we're told that demand is through the roof -- in other words, if you want one, you should probably jump in line now. But really, are you having that much trouble using both in their own space?