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Medtronic debuts tiny lead-less pacemaker at TEDMED 2010

Medtronic debuts tiny lead-less pacemaker at TEDMED 2010
Sean Hollister
Sean Hollister|October 28, 2010 9:04 PM
There are two pacemakers in the picture above. There's the typical clunky, stone shaped device with wires on the right -- and on the left, a device dwarfed even by a one-cent coin. This is the Medtronic wireless pacemaker, just revealed at TEDMED 2010, which can be implanted directly into your heart via catheter and permanently latch itself into flesh with tiny claws. Then, doctors can wirelessly monitor and even control the device from a nearby smartphone. Medtronic's working to make it even smaller still, and we're hoping to get more information soon. Welcome to the future, folks. %Gallery-106218%
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