Sony's Peter Dille thinks the PSP could use a cellular data connection, iPhone gamers 'aren't satisfied'

Peter Dille -- Sony's Senior Vice President of marketing at SCEA -- sat down for a "fireside chat" with CNN, and made some interesting comments regarding the PlayStation Phone. Despite kinda / sorta sticking to the company's policy of refusing to discuss rumors, Dille allegedly said that the lack of a cellular data component in current PSP devices could be holding the line back. "The PSP is a Wi-Fi device," he said. "People are used to having always-connected devices." Dille also noted that current smartphone platforms don't give users a hardcore experience, instead providing "Time-killers," which "gamers aren't satisfied with."

While the CNN article certainly includes some healthy speculation, Dille (and a company spokeswoman who told the publication that Sony "has relationships with Google") was pretty talkative when it came to the PSP and more specifically the PlayStation Network. Apparently, Dille alluded to the fact that the current PSP doesn't fulfill Sony's goal for creating a content delivery hub that's always accessible, saying "I don't think we fully realize that vision with a Wi-Fi device... If it's not connected [to a cell network] then it does sort of limit people." Of course, we're not taking this as any kind of confirmation from the company, but Sony seems awfully talkative about a device that they won't comment on.