Verizon's tiered data plans go live, including $30 for a smartphone buffet or $15 for 150MB

It's October 28th, and Verizon's full suite of data plans have changed just as foretold -- if you want to save a few bucks, you can revise your megabyte-munching lifestyle right now. There's no need to fear for unlimited 3G smartphone data, as it's still available for the usual $29.99, but that plan's no longer required when buying a new Droid, as you can opt for a new $14.99 plan if you can bare to live with just 150 megabytes. We'll spare you the full breakdown on mobile broadband plans -- as you can find it at our original post right here -- rght down to that promotional 3GB MiFi and Fivespot plan for $35 a month.

[Thanks, Cody W.]