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AOC goes ultraslim with new sixpack of LED-backlit monitors

Tired of looking at the same, aged, lifeless pixels day-in and day-out? Now you've a way to change it. AOC has just unveiled its latest range of LCD monitors, and the whole lot is seductively thin. Measuring just 12.9 millimeters on the depth chart, this sixpack ranges from 18.5- to 23-inches and offers up a 16:9 widescreen viewing angle. Unfortunately, screen resolutions are being kept secret (we're crossing our fingers for 1080p across the board), but we are told to expect VGA / DVI inputs, a flexible base, five millisecond response times and a laughable dynamic contrast ration of 50,000,000:1. Mum's also the word on pricing, but look, at least you've got a lovely selection of high resolution images to gawk at below. %Gallery-106163%

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Slender design: AOC presents a series of ultra-slim monitors with LED backlight

Berlin, 27 October 2010 – The profile of the new monitor series from display specialist AOC measures just 12.9 mm. With its minimalist design it is aimed particularly at sophisticated users who are looking for the latest LED technology as well as an ultimate design statement for their office or home. The six widescreen models range from 47 cm/18.5" to 58.5 cm/23" and have an aspect ratio of 16:9. All monitors impress with excellent image quality, quick response times, generous viewing angles and economical energy consumption.

New slenderness
The minimalistic models, kept in a modern white, turn heads above all with their slim design of just 12.9 mm. Due to their clear language of form, the displays are perfectly suited to modern home and office environments. What makes the monitors special is the fact that they do not have any of the usual buttons. Adjustments can be made easily via the touch-sensitive keys integrated into the base which light up as soon as a finger comes near them.

Strong inner values
Whether playing fast-paced games, watching current blockbusters or enjoying multimedia applications, the high dynamic contrast ratio (DCR) of 50,000,000:1 and fast response time of just 5 milliseconds always ensure detail-rich and natural images free from delays and ghosting.

Versatile and convenient
With this new display series, AOC also introduces an innovative concept for the base: When the foot is folded backwards by approx. 90° it transforms into a wall bracket within seconds. For additional comfort, the screen can be tilted forwards by up to 5 degrees or 20 degrees towards the back. Equipped with an analogue D-Sub and/or digital DVI-D port (with HDCP), the displays provide a matching connector for any application.

AOC e2243Fw

Focus on the environment
A resource-efficient production is of high importance at AOC. All monitors, for instance, are manufactured entirely mercury-free, and the economical product packaging is 100 % recyclable. Thanks to the electricity-saving LED backlight technology current environmental standards such as ENERGY STAR 5.0 or EPEAT-Silver are fulfilled. Even the 58.5 cm/23" model makes do with just under 28 watts when in use – and in standby mode the power consumption drops to under one watt in all models.

The new AOC monitors e943Fws (47 cm/18.5"), e2043Fs (50.8 cm/20"), e2243Fws / e2243Fw (54.7 cm/21.5") and e2343F/e2343Fs (58.5 cm/23") are available with immediate effect.