Cowon's capacious X7 media player gets the hands-on treatment, longs for WiFi

Cowon's X7 still hasn't made its stateside debut, but apparently it's out and about on the streets of France. This 4.3-inch, HDD-packin' portable media player was recently caught in the wild by Le Journal du Geek, with early impressions noting that the UI is pleasant to use, the weight a bit heavy and the build quality something to admire. For those who've forgotten, it manages a 480 x 272 screen resolution, Bluetooth, TV-out, an inbuilt microphone and compatibility with nearly every file format ever conceived. Still, the omission of WiFi is a touch troubling in today's world of converge-or-go-home, but it's tough to argue with 120GB (€299; $414) or 160GB (€329; $455) of storage space. Hit that source link for lots more eye candy.