How the iPad is benefiting Sprint's mobile broadband sales

Sprint recently noticed an increase in sales of its Overdrive (3g/4g) MiFi wireless hotspot, and it seems the iPad is behind it all. In an interview with GigaOM, Sprint's chief executive officer, Dan Hesse, noted that most iPads sold are Wi-Fi only. Since their introduction, his company has seen an increase in sales of the Overdrive.

When asked about the iPhone, Hess refused comment, stating that Sprint policy is to refrain from commenting on its relationship with vendors. He also noted that Sprint is banking its future on great customer experience, a simple value proposition and finally the actual devices (in that order). Currently, Sprint is carrying BlackBerry and Android phones, while arch-rival Verizon is almost a lock to be selling the iPhone next year.

Meanwhile, Verizon is addressing the iPad-plus-hotspot trend directly by offering iPad/MiFi bundles in its retail stores. For those who want to support an iPad in addition to a few other devices, it's not a bad way to go.