ESPN 3D still searching for ROI to determine feasibility of second year

It is easy for us enthusiasts to forget that for our favorite companies this is all about business. We've followed ESPN 3D since it was announced and until now haven't considered the fact that it might not be here to stay. Nope, in fact it is currently almost half way through a one year trial and according to ESPN Senior Director of Technology, Jonathan Pannaman, "we're still not sure what makes sense for 3DTV and we don't yet see a proven ROI." This has to be a concern for 3DTV manufacturers as its obvious that Hollywood doesn't care too much about helping them sell 3DTVs. We still have until next Summer for this all to shake out, but we're afraid this might turn out like the first season Monday Night Football was in HD, unless ESPN figures out a way to bring down the costs of 3D sports productions.