DirecTV drops G4, says it's 'among the lowest rated networks'

Bad news for the 18 million or so DirecTV subscribers out there: Your ability to watch reruns of Cops anytime you want isn't coming back. The satellite provider dropped the Comcast-owned (and Cops-heavy!) G4 channel last week and today confirmed that it's not interested in reconsidering that decision. "At this time we are no longer negotiating and we have no plans to put G4 back up," a DirecTV rep told "But why?" you might be asking yourself out loud. Well, the rep has some choice words for the sometimes-video game-related channel. "Since G4 is among the lowest rated networks based on the latest Nielsen data, we decided that it made sense to focus on preserving programming that is more relevant to our larger customer base." Ouch!

For its part, G4 said in a statement, "We have been trying to engage DirecTV in fair and reasonable discussions to continue to carry G4. G4 offered DirecTV the same basic deal we have had for the past three years. However they still plan to drop the network and deny G4 fans the only network that focuses on the popular gaming lifestyle." This might be a little early, but we've already put a bid in on Sessler's soapbox on America's Auction Network ... which is actually a real channel that DirecTV still carries.

[Image credit: Exposay]