Mark/Space introduces GoGadget media synching software

Accurately syncing content and data between portable devices and computers has long been a hassle for users, especially those who tried to venture out of closed ecosystems. Mark/Space and its Missing Sync product came to the rescue of countless users, especially those with Macs who want to sync Palm and Windows Mobile devices. Mark/Space has just introduced a product called GoGadget designed to sync media content such as photos, videos and music to a variety of phones, digital photo frames and media players.

So far Mark/Space has released only a Mac version with a Windows variant promised soon. On the Mac, GoGadget promises to sync iTunes playlists and iPhoto albums directly to the likes of the Palm WebOs phones, Nokia N900 and Sandisk Sansa clip. GoGadget promises a simple user interface and offers a seven-day free trial. For now version 1.0 is priced at US$19.95 but that will be going to $29.95 eventually. We'll be trying it out shortly and providing a review with some of our non-Apple devices.

[via MacMegasite]