More Angry Birds costumes (and a cake)

As requested, TUAW reader Amy sent us pictures of these homemade costumes designed to look like the characters in Angry Birds. You can browse through all of them in the gallery below -- again, I'm partial to the pig, but that bird looks pretty good as well. Reader Sheldon also dressed up as an Angry Bird, and included the legendary white iPhone with a screenshot on his costume -- twice the geeky references!

And while it's not a costume, reader JT says he spotted this Angry Birds cake in Singapore. Never have the birds and their enemies looked so darn ... edible! Thanks to everybody who sent pictures in. I didn't see many Mac-related costumes out and about this weekend during Halloween. There were lots of video game and comic book characters walking around Hollywood last night, but no Steve Jobs or Newtons to be seen. Did you see any fun Apple costumes?

Update: Here's some more reader Hanson created with his son.