Palm Pre 2 pre-orders will start November 8th, says HP

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|11.02.10

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Palm Pre 2 pre-orders will start November 8th, says HP
Whether called the Pre 2 or Pre Plus 2, there's no denying that the first webOS 2.0 device is coming at us in a fast and furious fashion. Verizon docs already revealed it was on that carrier's November roadmap, and now HP's Facebook page for students has narrowed pre-order availability down to a specific date: November 8th. That's next Monday, folks! No more info is available at this time, such as whether that will include the promised unlocked GSM Pre 2s or whether they would be forthcoming at a later date. Either way, we're excited to see this 1GHz vessel sail in and bring us all that improved webOS goodness.

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