There's a lot going on in these Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit commercials

EA has developed one of the most perplexing ad campaigns we've ever seen to promote its upcoming racer, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. It's a five-part mini-series following the shenanigans of two valets, one of which is also secretly a renegade cop (?), and one of which is also a street racer (?). Of course, they don't bust fools or drive fast in these ads. They park cars, because they're valets. Sometimes, they don't park the cars, because they're edgy.

Oh, and they're played by Jerry Ferrara and Kevin Dillon, whom you may know from the hit television series Entourage, or, if you're not an HBO subscriber, Hotel for Dogs. Check out the first two entries into this commercial series, titled "Officer Douche" and "You Park It," respectively, after the jump. After that, join us in wishing that these ads get their own spin-off television show, Cavemen-style. We'd love to see the complexities of these characters unfold, you know?