TweakTown tests the best thumb drives, invites USB 3.0 models to the party

Most USB thumb drives are cheap enough that it rarely seems worth comparison shopping but, as usual with computer hardware, if you want the best you'd best look at some benchmarks. Following in the footsteps of Kristofer Brozio, TweakTown gathered together 16 of the fastest and most common models to test and some of the big brands, like Lexar, finished near the bottom in terms of performance. If you want a fast USB 2.0 drive, the Silicon Power LuxMini 920, a 64GB model, is the one to get -- if you can find it. Meanwhile the rather more readily available Patriot Memory models clocked in at a close second. However, taking all the honors is the OCZ Enyo, but given that's more of an external SSD we question its inclusion. For proper thumb drives, it's the USB 3.0 Super Talent SuperCrypt taking the cake for performance -- as it should for a $120, 16GB model.