Sony's PS3 Bluetooth headset sheds a few ounces and gets a slinky new outfit

The official Bluetooth headset for the PS3 has been around for a few years, still rocking the same $49.99 price point, still wearing the same "Wow, look at me, I'm a Bluetooth headset" design while others have gotten fancier, artsier and, well, better. Now Sony looks to finally be making an update, whittling the sides down make the new model look a bit more modern -- while not actually going too far. The price is said to stay the same and overall the design looks much the same too, just pointier and featuring a daintier clip that should be somewhat less taxing on your ear as you spend hour after hour screaming at your SVER teammates who insist on staying back and sniping while you throw yourself at the Valor lines. If only they could see your cool new headset, maybe then they'd listen.