T-Mobile starts up 4G ad campaign by poking a stiletto into AT&T's network (video)

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|11.03.10

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T-Mobile starts up 4G ad campaign by poking a stiletto into AT&T's network (video)
We suspected T-Mobile's new advertising campaign would ruffle some feathers, but we weren't ready for quite such brazen trash-talking right off the bat. Of course, it's trash talk dressed up in a pretty white and Magenta dress and delivered in the most angelic of voices, but T-Mobile makes its point to AT&T subscribers loud and clear: we got 4G, you don't. Whether you consider the network's current 21Mbps theoretical max a true representation of 4G or not, we'll leave up to you; just make sure to join us past the break for the Apple-scented commercial, which also teases the myTouch 4G, a HSPA+ handset that T-Mobile happens to be launching today.

Update: AT&T isn't taking this one lying down. It countered with the following statement this afternoon: "T-Mobile's claims about 4G are based on the same HSPA+ technology we have deployed to 180 million people today, more than T-Mobile's reported 140 million, and we'll have it rolled out to 250 million people by the end of this month, substantially more than the 200 million T-Mobile says it will have by year-end."

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