Table Connect for iPhone demonstrated on video, makes us want (update: it's fake)

Sure, showing an image and boasting wildly is one thing, but it's another thing entirely to see something as outlandish as this functioning on video. The gurus behind the Table Connect for iPhone have returned, using a jailbroken iPhone, a dedicated app (for now) and a freshly washed hand to demonstrate what iOS looks like on a 58-inch multitouch table. We've got to say -- for early software, it sure is snappy. Of course, practicality is still in question, but who ever cared about that? Head on past the break and mash play.

Update: That's right, what you see here is nothing more than a table. A regular, no-frills table. More than a year after we first reported on this big old fake, LOA design took to the stage at TED to show off how they duped the internet. If you care to see how they did it, feel free to hit up the video after the break.

[Thanks, Bodgan and George]

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