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Twitter for Android updated, adds speed, polish, more options

It's not just Facebook for Android that's getting an update today -- Twitter just pushed out a new version of its Android app, and while it doesn't add a ton of new features, it's gotten a big speed boost and some polish. The biggest addition is pull-to-refresh, which the iPhone client has had for a while, as an option bar that's revealed by swiping on a tweet. There's also new quoting options for retweets and avatar photos are now high-res, which is nice. We just tried it out and it is indeed faster, which is nice, but we noticed that avatars don't load in right away while you scroll -- they're generic until you stop. Just a minor niggle, and you've no reason not to upgrade -- it's free, after all. Hit market or scan the QR code after the break.

P.S.- Hmm, a big Twitter app update on the same day as a Facebook event? That timing feels like a little more than a coincidence to us, especially since Facebook is gunning hard for location-based check-ins, which is traditionally Twitter's domain. Dare we say that this relationship is complicated?