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ASUS DR-900 e-reader escapes into the wild, gets a video overview

Ah, ha! So there it is! After waiting for months and months (and months), it seems as if ASUS has quietly started shipping its ginormous DR-900 e-reader. At least in some sectors of the world, albeit in "non-final" form. Hispazone managed to get their paws around one recently, and they did the world a solid by writing up a lengthy list of impressions and filming a hands-on video (embedded after the break). Critics seemed to admire the build quality, and they felt that the inbuilt web browser certainly has potential. But most of all, they seem concerned about the estimated price; it's bruited that the DR-900 will start shipping to consumers in Q1 2011, but the €300 ($426) asking price probably won't sit well with most. Hit the source for more of the translated goodness.

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