Energy Sistem debuts colorful Color Book Series color e-reader

You may have more e-reader choices than ever these days, but if you primary concern is a device with a color screen that's also available in a number of different colors, you might just want to consider Energy Sistem's new Color Book Series e-reader. Of course, you won't actually get a touchscreen (just a regular 5-inch, 800 x 480 LCD), but there are plenty of buttons to make up for that shortcoming, and you will get a few decent features like audio and video playback, support for comics, a microSD card for expansion, and a case that doubles as a stand -- nothing crazy like a web browser or WiFi, though. Look for the 2GB model (available in red or blue) to set you back €129, or about $180, while 4GB white model and 8GB black model will run you €145 and €159, respectively.