Apple Xserve sales end January 31st, support will continue

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|11.05.10

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Apple Xserve sales end January 31st, support will continue
As if you needed any further confirmation that Apple is a consumer company first and foremost, the Cupertino team has decided to discontinue sales of its Xserve enterprise server offering. The rack-mountable processing powerhouses will no longer be available for purchase after January, though full support of those already sold is promised, meaning that all warranties and extended service programs will be honored. To soften the blow for those who might still insist on using OS X in their servers, Apple has put together a "transition guide," advising that users switch over to the Mac Pro or ... the Mac mini, both of which come with the option to have Snow Leopard Server pre-installed. Honestly, the Mac mini!

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