Pandigital Novel PRD09TW e-reader hits the FCC

Pandigital may have not exactly hit a home run with its first Novel e-reader, but it looks like it might already be coming back for another try with a new model. That device recently hit the FCC with the model name PRD09TW, and it seems to be mostly identical in appearance to the current Pandigital Novel, with the notable exception of four buttons along the bottom. Unfortunately, there's no specs to be found, but it does appear to boast a 7-inch 9-inch screen (here's hoping for capacitive this time around), and the test reports do at least reveal the presence of WiFi. What's more, as the folks at Wireless Goodness have noted, a 6-inch E Ink-based reader from Pandigital has also hit the FCC alongside this new Novel, although it's not clear if it's actually a new model or just an early version of the company's Novel Personal reader (the only different is a slight change in button placement). In fact, the same could be said of the PRD09TW, but the current Novel did already hit the FCC back in May.