Planar preps 23-inch SA2311W 1080p 3D monitor, backlit ProGlow keyboard

Oh, you know the bandwagon's in full-on rampage mode now. How so? Because Planar -- a company that generally strays far, far away from mere mortals in the consumer market -- has just announced a new 23-inch 3D monitor. It represents a stark break from the company's typical high-end-only approach, and it likely speaks volumes to just how quickly 3D is gaining steam in the PC gaming universe. The SA2311W display will boast a 120Hz refresh rate, 1920 x 1080 resolution, two millisecond response time, a height adjustable stand, VGA / dual-link DVI / HDMI inputs and support for NVIDIA's 3D Vision system. Naturally, you'll need a set of active shutter glasses to enjoy the eye-popping mayhem, and for those who've never tried 'em, they're a step below a welder's mask in terms of exterior visibility. To that end, Planar is also introducing the first keyboard designed specifically for users rocking 3D active shutter glasses -- the ProGlow (shown after the break) boasts seven adjustable light levels (plus off), enabling immersed gamers to still recognize which keys are which. Both devices are expected to ship in the US of A next month for $449 and $185, respectively, though we get the feeling those vicious 3D dinosaurs aren't included. Which is a bummer of epic proportions, if we should say so ourselves.