US Cyber Command achieves 'full operational capability,' international cyberbullies be warned

A sword, a lightning bolt, a key, a globe, and a bird. These are the symbols of your United States Cyber Command, which you'll be proud to know has "achieved full operational capability." FOC is when a military organization basically has what it needs and knows how to use it, but we're guessing our new cyber-commandos will be a little nervous at first, like a prom date just presented with a room key, or a Modern Warfare player with a new weapon attachment. Surely the USCC will get into its stride real soon, enabling it to "operate and defend our networks effectively." You know what that means: feel free to be a little extra offensive when trolling on foreign soil today. Uncle Sam has your back.

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Cyber Command Achieves Full Operational Capability

Department of Defense announced today that U.S. Cyber Command has achieved full operational capability (FOC).

Achieving FOC involved U.S. Cyber Command completing a number of critical tasks to ensure it was capable of accomplishing its mission. U.S. Cyber Command is responsible for directing activities to operate and defend DoD networks.

"I am confident in the great service members and civilians we have here at U.S. Cyber Command. Cyberspace is essential to our way of life and U.S. Cyber Command synchronizes our efforts in the defense of DoD networks. We also work closely with our interagency partners to assist them in accomplishing their critical missions," said Gen. Keith Alexander, commander of U.S. Cyber Command.

Some of the critical FOC tasks included establishing a Joint Operations Center and transitioning personnel and functions from two existing organizations, the Joint Task Force for Global Network Operations and the Joint Functional Component Command for Network Warfare. U.S. Cyber Command's development will not end at FOC, and the department will continue to grow the capacity and capability essential to operate and defend our networks effectively. There are also enduring tasks that will be on-going after FOC, such as developing the workforce, providing support to the combatant commanders, and efforts to continue growing capacity and capability.

U.S. Cyber Command is a sub-unified command under the U.S. Strategic Command. It reached its "initial operational capability" on May 21, 2010.

For more information, media may contact Col. Rivers Johnson Jr., Cyber Command Public Affairs at 301-688-6584.