PSA: Apple's iPhone may not wake you up on time tomorrow morning (update: Monday)

Apple is warning iPhone users that the daylight savings time glitch that plagued Europe affects US iPhones too, meaning you'll wake up an hour late if you rely on the Clock app built into the device. Though Apple representatives say there's a permanent fix in the works, it's not due until iOS 4.2, so the company suggests you set a new alarm today if you want to rise on time. Since the bug apparently only affects certain repeating alarms, you can create a new one-time alarm (i.e. with the repeat option set to "never") instead, and the iPhone clock will take care of the rest. Don't be the gal or guy blaming your tardiness on failed technology, folks, when it's this easy to be able to point the finger at traffic, family, or spontaneous bouts of dance fever instead.

Update: Did we say tomorrow morning? It's actually Monday when the bug will strike, meaning you'll have to deal with Daylight Savings related hijinx two days in a row. Good luck getting to work on time.

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