Rocketfish serves up 4-port WirelessHD kit, wireless headphones

Remember the FlyWire? Time to fuhgettaboutit it. While Belkin saw fit to kill the flagship wireless HDMI product of the last decade, a number of other firms have moved forward with similar ideas -- thankfully for far less cheddar in many cases. Take this guy, for instance. Best Buy's in-house Rocketfish label has just introduced a four-port WirelessHD kit, which consists of two separate pieces that work in unison to pipe 1080p content from up to four HDMI sources (one at a time, obviously) to a single HDMI-equipped display. It's utilizing the same 60GHz WirelessHD protocol that's been hanging around for years, and supposedly it can operate with around 33 feet of space between boxes. There's support for 3D video, CEC remote functionality and surround sound, and it'll even auto-sense which HDMI socket is active and change over to that one for you. At $299.99, it's definitely one of the cheaper ways to cut an HDMI cable from your setup, but only time will tell if artifacting is an issue. In semi-related news, Rocketfish is also debuting a set of wireless cans at $119.99, with the full details on those waiting just after the break.

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Best Buy Simplifies Home Theater With Two New Rocketfish Products

4-Port WirelessHD Kit and Rocketboost Wireless Stereo Headphones replace cord clutter, bringing easy connectivity to HDTV installation and high-performance personal audio

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE: BBY) the nation's largest consumer electronics retailer, today announced the arrival of two new Rocketfish™ products available exclusively at Best Buy. Both the 4-Port WirelessHD™ Kit and Rocketboost™ Wireless Stereo Headphones simplify home theater experiences by offering easy solutions to connect and enjoy content, eliminating the need for the complex cords and hassle that can limit where HDTVs are installed or where and how people enjoy personal audio throughout the home.

Available for $299.99, the Rocketfish 4-Port WirelessHD Kit sends full HD 1080p HDMI signals (including 3D) up to 32 feet without wires, presenting a simple, affordable solution for installing HD video where cables are not possible-such as over a fireplace or with ceiling-mounted HD projectors. The Rocketfish WirelessHD kit can also help reduce clutter by enabling easy wall mounting of an HDTV while "hiding" source components out of sight.

The 4-port WirelessHD kit operates in the 60GHz frequency range for crystal-clear, interference free wireless audio/video transmission without any type of signal compression or "bit-dropping" – just as if the components were connected with a high-speed HDMI cable. With four HDMI inputs on the auto-switching transmitter and latency of less than 4 milliseconds, the kit is perfect for all HDMI connections, including fast-action gaming systems, and is easy to set up and operate.

Priced at $119.99, the Rocketfish Rocketboost Wireless Stereo Headphones provide uncompressed digital CD-quality sound that can be streamed from any audio component in the house, including an HDTV, disc or portable music player. Included with the headphones is a docking station that, when connected to other devices, lets consumers listen to music around the home wirelessly with an over-the-ear design that fits comfortably for hours of enjoyment.

Many Rocketfish products take advantage of Rocketboost Wireless Audio technology, utilizing standard connections for speaker line and line level inputs, and designed for compatibility with almost any brand of equipment. In addition to the new Rocketboost Wireless Stereo Headphones launching today, the Rocketfish line of Rocketboost enabled simplified connectivity solutions also includes a Wireless Amplified Audio Receiver, a Wireless Sender/Receiver, a Wireless Outdoor Speaker and a Wireless HD Audio Starter Kit, among others.

Consumers can see the Rocketfish 4-port WirelessHD Kit and Rocketboost Wireless Stereo Headphones at all Best Buy retail locations or learn more at Key features include:

Rocketfish 4-Port Wireless HD Kit

* Connects up to 4 HDMI source components to transmitter
* Compatible with 1080p/60 and 3D video
* Supports HDMI CEC remote control functionality, also includes IR remote for port switching on components that do not support CEC
* Receiver can be mounted to wall or ceiling (bracket included)
* Includes two 4ft Rocketfish HDMI cables (model RF-G1160a)

Rocketfish Rocketboost Wireless Stereo Headphones

* Compatible with all Rocketboost Wireless products
* Headphones receive audio from other Rocketboost products
* Docking station sends audio to headphones and other Rocketboost products
* Works with all other audio components (TV, CD/DVD player, mp3 player)
* High-performance audio - uncompressed digital CD-quality sound, adjustable volume control
* Easy to Use - Easy setup, rechargeable batteries with convenient base docking station