18-screen digital paint wall supports touch, iPad doodling (video)

Look, we all love finger painting. It's an American tradition, after all. But just like nap time, it somehow vanishes into oblivion once adulthood creeps into play. But a sect of kids at the University of Illinois at Chicago aren't about to enter the so-called "real world" without a few more flicks. Researchers at the institution have crafted a digital paint wall out of 18 HD screens. Total resolution? 8160 x 2304 pixels. Better still, the wall is touch-enabled, and if you can't get close enough to doodle, there's an iPad app that lets an extra artist add their touch via WiFi. Currently, it can handle 32 touches at once, and those in charge are hoping to make it play nice with multiple tablets in due time. Hit that play button below for a look at what you're missing, Mr. Grown-Up.

[Thanks, Jason]

Video courtesy of Marcella McCarthy / Medill News Service / Northwestern University