Gruber just got the fakest phone ever: a white iPhone 4 toy

John Gruber, who writes the popular Daring Fireball blog just sent out a Tweet saying "Look what a little birdie sent me" and then linked to an image of a boy (I'm assuming his son), playing with a white iPhone 4.

I've been reading Gruber's blog for some time and he isn't the kind of guy who seems to play practical jokes. So there's two options here: either someone just gave Gruber a white iPhone 4, or someone gave Gruber a picture of a boy playing with a white iPhone 4.

The only question is, how did either of them get it? You can see the full picture here.

Update: Gruber just Tweeted this: "Just to be clear: it's some kind of toy. The display is paper (under glossy plastic). Bizarre!" Lame, John.