10.1-inch Galaxy Tab teased with prototype panel?

Does that look like a 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab to you? Sure does to us though Tech-on! is calling it an "electronic book reader" prototype from Samsung. Thing is, when was the last time you made a 3G video call using a dedicated ebook reader? The 10.1-inch panel is a 1.8-mm thick LCD prototype on display right now at the FPD International trade show in Japan. It features a 1,024 x 600 pixel panel resolution, 250nits brightness, 1,000:1 contrast, and covers 50 percent of the NTSC color gamut. Oh, and it's said to be unbreakable thanks to the new 0.44mm / 28g resin panel (excluding the backlight unit) that replaces the typical 1.26mm / 130g glass LCD panel. And while this particular slim panel won't be ready for commercialization for another two or three years, there's nothing stopping Samsung from bunging a production-ready LCD into the 10-inch Galaxy Tab promised for 2011. Check the new LCD in profile after the break.