Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8 welcomes iPads, iPhones and iPods into its emporium of awesome

iPod and iPhone users aren't exactly bereft of choice for places to dock their audio transporters, but what if you prefer to keep your music collection on your iPad? Okay, actually there are a couple of options for you out there as well, but few will be quite as bodacious (or as expensive, we're sure) as Bang & Olufsen's latest. The BeoSound 8 straps a pair of cones to a connecting bar, adds some feet, a wall bracket, and a remote control, and sends you home to enjoy some "outstanding sound performance." USB and auxiliary line-in connectors are available if you're not dancing to Steve Jobs' tune, while the body can be had in white or black and the speaker covers come in a variety of colors to express your individuality with. Look for the BeoSound 8 at your nearest B&O outlet later this month.

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Speaker docking gets serious with Bang & Olufsen

BeoSound 8 is a powerful new speaker dock for the iPad, iPhone and iPod that takes the digital music experience to a completely new level, conveniently and seamlessly.

BeoSound 8 delivers breathtaking sound performance and offers elegant design and a simple user interface. It is a fantastic solution for enjoying digital music either from your iPod, iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac. Simply by connecting a device to BeoSound 8, digital music can be unfolded to its true potential.

The light and characteristic design of BeoSound 8 makes it highly flexible in use; it is perfectly suited as a music system not only in a main room, but also in the kitchen, on the patio or even at the summerhouse. BeoSound 8 can be placed on a wall bracket or any flat surface and still deliver fantastic premium quality sound.

To complete the outstanding sound performance BeoSound 8 has a manual room adaptation switch with 3 positions which allows it to be placed anywhere without compromising the sound performance.

Cool and simple to use

Simply plug BeoSound 8 in and connect your device by docking it or connecting it using the AUX line-in or USB ports and you are ready to listen to your favourite digital music in no time. You can easily control BeoSound 8 using the dedicated remote that comes with the product, or you can control it with one of Bang & Olufsen's intelligent remotes if that's what you prefer.

Another cool application of BeoSound 8 is that it can be networked using the Apple Airport Express and in this way your music collection can conveniently be streamed wirelessly from your PC or Mac to BeoSound 8.

Magical 2D design

BeoSound 8 is available in black and white. Choose from a variety of optional soft coloured speaker fronts to customise it to its new home. The cone shaped speakers give BeoSound 8 a magical hovering 2D appearance as it hides the actual depth of the speakers and the feet lift it up giving a light and slim design.

In addition, the speakers of BeoSound 8 are outlined by aluminium rings adding a distinct Bang & Olufsen look and feel. With BeoSound 8, Bang & Olufsen has once again proven that it is leading within the field of innovation and design.

BeoSound 8 will be available in Bang & Olufsen stores worldwide within the coming month.