Cisco responds, fixes Linksys Extenders for Media Center, certificate issue to blame

Cisco responds, fixes Linksys Media Extenders, certificate issue to blame

Ever have a really bad day? You know, when you try to do a simple task like reboot a server and suddenly your whole week is shot? That, apparently, is what happened at Cisco HQ, with the result being the disabling of thousands of Linksys Extenders for Media Center, as we reported last week. Our request for info was finally channeled through to the right people and we have a response as to what happened:

Yes we did have to take the server down for maintenance and during the reboot realized we had an issue with a certificate server. All is fixed now and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused to our customers.

So, that missing IP should now be responding and hopefully your Extenders are working again. Also, it seems this was not part of a vast cable company conspiracy to keep you from watching downloaded versions of The Walking Dead and finding out how Rick got out of that tank. Now, as to why the thing needs to dial home in the first place, and when will that freshly certified server be put out to pasture for good, rest assured we're looking for answers.

Update: The word is that the Extenders are actually dialing home to see if new firmware is available, not to send reports on how many obnoxious Geico commercials you've skipped in the past 24 hours. Why does a failed firmware update check cause the boxes to be freak out like this? That we don't know, and we hope it's an issue conveniently addressed via that very same firmware update process, but we're also told that there are no plans to retire these boxes, so you just keep on streaming the good stream.