Dell Venue Pro has a microSD card slot, you'll just need to void your warranty to use it

Remember the good chap that brought us pictorial evidence of the Venue Pro in Microsoft stores on Monday? Well, he was fortunate enough to snag one of those precious devices for himself and today he's back on the path of spreading enlightenment by revealing that Dell's 4.1-inch WP7 slider comes with a microSD card slot. Storage expandability is something of a running joke backstory for Windows Phone 7, with HTC hiding its expansion slots deeply within the 7 Mozart and HD7 and Samsung's more readily accessible one on the Focus also throwing up issues. The Venue Pro's approach is closer to Samsung's, insofar as you don't have to tear down the phone to stick a new microSD card inside it, but it does expect you to bust through a warranty sticker to get at the port. So it's there and can be used, but the risk will be all yours if you do.

[Thanks, dawookie]