HTC 7 Mozart gets its microSD card swapped, but only after an intense teardown session

Man, Microsoft really isn't keen on having you swap out the microSD card that ships within its Windows Phone 7 devices, eh? After finding that the HD7's card could be replaced if you threw caution entirely to the wind, we're now seeing that the same is true with HTC's 7 Mozart. But unfortunately, you're still facing the same dilemma -- should you seriously risk destroying your phone forever just to get a capacity bump from 8GB to 32GB? One Andy Hamilton answered that with a definitive "yessir," and in the source link below, he proceeded to initiate an iFixit-level teardown in order to unearth the deeply concealed 8GB SanDisk Class 4 microSD card. He made a few mistakes along the way that you'll want to pay attention to if you end up tossing your own mobile on the operating table, but seriously, watch where you slide that X-Acto knife.

[Thanks, Michael]

Update: And now our gracious host has a video series detailing the process. Enjoy!