Dell Venue Pro on sale at Microsoft stores, but good luck getting one

So, just as was rumored, it seems Dell pushed a small handful of Venue Pros to Microsoft's seven flagship stores for sale today. We just spoke with a friendly rep who told us they were "going fast" and didn't sound too confident that we'd be able to get one by the time we got down there, but theoretically if we did, it'd be $199 for a new line (or an eligible upgrade) or $449 outright. If you manage to score one, that'll put you about a week ahead of everyone else -- they aren't expected to be available straight from Dell's site until the 15th. On a related note, Dell's website is showing two configurations for the phone -- an 8GB and a 16GB model -- though none of the stores we called could tell us which one they were stocking. Let's hope for 16, eh?

[Thanks, Andrew and @FocusedProverbs]