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Enterprise Desktop Alliance conducts survey on the Xserve's end

Have you deployed the Xserve in your enterprise over the past several years? With the upcoming demise of Apple's rack mounted computer system, the Enterprise Desktop Alliance (EDA) is conducting a survey to gauge what Xserve users will do going forward. The EDA normally helps IT departments incorporate Macs into their computing environments, and the survey asks a series a questions about current deployments of personal and server devices, including how many machines are running on various operating systems, such as OS X server, Windows, and Linux.

Without the Xserve, Apple will offer its server operating system on the Mac mini and the Mac Pro towers, but these may be less than ideal replacements for the rack mounted machine. The mini can be installed in a rack mount adapter, but it's less powerful than the Xserve. The tower, on the other hand, is a less convenient installation in many environments. The survey goes on to ask whether users will continue to use Macs after the Xserve is no longer available, and if not, what systems will they migrate too. One out of every 100 respondents to the survey will win a $50 Amazon gift card. Have your say in the comments, do you use Xserve now, and what will you do when the time comes to replace it?