Netflix and Hulu Plus coming to the Boxee Box

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|11.10.10

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Netflix and Hulu Plus coming to the Boxee Box
Some big news out of the Boxee Box launch event just now: Netflix and Hulu Plus are both coming to the asymmetric streamer. There's no timeline on Hulu Plus -- Boxee told us talks have just begun -- but Netflix should be live by the year, and that's a major requirement if Boxee is going to be competitive with the various other connected TV devices on the market. It's also nice to see the Boxee / Hulu relationship finally thaw out, but we'd guess there's no chance regular Hulu will work in the Boxee browser now, and we'd bet the rest of the networks block it just like Google TV as well. That's okay, though -- adding Netflix and Hulu Plus to the Box's insane codec list, Webkit browser with Flash support, and Vudu integration should still make it pretty easy to get anything you want on your TV. Now if only we could get our hands on a review unit.
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