WowWee Cinemin Slice takes the pico out of your pocket

We can't say we've ever dreamt of a pico projector / speaker dock combo, but we also can't say the idea doesn't make a bit of sense. Continuing its expansion into the projector space with its Cinemin sub-brand, WowWee's Slice is much more than your usual unitasking pico -- it packs six-watt stereo speakers along with a 854 x 480 resolution, 16 lumens DLP projector. As you can see, it's been designed for your choice of Apple products -- its 30-pin connector is compatible with the iPad, iPhone 3G/3GS/4, etc. -- but the back of the device does hold additional VGA, mini-HDMI and AV ports for hooking up whatever other gadget you've been dying to project on a wall. Speaking of that projection, the maximum image size is 60 inches, though you'll have to set it back quite a bit from the projected surface to achieve that viewing size -- WowWee says the viewable range is anywhere between 11 to 125 inches. We caught a look at the Slice at the CES Press Preview event in NYC, and have to say it's not a bad looking dock -- the glowing red LED buttons give it some pizzazz. Obviously, it was hard for us to judge the image and sound quality from the brief look, but we were able to hear Bolt over the event background noise if that counts for anything. The Slice will be priced around $400 but won't be hitting stores until January -- until then you've got the pictures in the gallery below and some more tech specs at the source link. %Gallery-107130%