HTC Mecha / Incredible HD pictured for Verizon with a fancy '4G' symbol

If you weren't so keen on that LTE-enabled LG handset for Verizon that we saw recently, feat your eyes on this puppy. What we're looking at here is allegedly the HTC Mecha -- which may be known at retail as the Droid Incredible HD -- and from the looks of it, it'll be the first true EVO 4G equivalent from HTC for Big Red. And yes, when we say "EVO 4G equivalent," we mean 4G network support, too: you'll notice a little "4G" symbol up there toward the right side of the status bar, suggesting this will likely be among the company's inaugural LTE phones early next year. Android Central's source says that the phone is getting 9Mbps down and 5Mbps up in testing right now... so let's just hope those speeds hold up when the network actually launches.