Jolibook is the official netbook of Jolicloud, coming this month?

Just a few weeks ago, we got word (by way of a few Tweets) that Jolicloud was seemingly -- if the images were any indication -- in the final stages of developing a netbook of its own. Well, we've just gotten some official news on just that topic. The Jolibook, as it's going to be known, is of mostly unknown specifications at this point, but here's what we do know: the Jolicloud 1.1-powered laptop will boast an Atom N550 CPU, and a 250GB hard drive. Jolicloud also says that the netbook's display will boast a "gorgeous" screen and an affordable price. Sadly, that's all we know for now, though the company is promising that all this is going down this month, so we're going to keep our eyes peeled for you.