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Roll out! Transformers Online going worldwide

Roll out!  Transformers Online going worldwide
Justin Olivetti
Justin Olivetti|November 11, 2010 11:00 AM
Ever since hearing the news that NetDragon was working on an MMO adaptation of the robotastic Transformers franchise, fans have wondered what it would entail and where it would be launched. While we don't have any more info on the former, Hasbro recently announced that the game would be hitting multiple countries across the world, including China and Korea.

During the Hasbro Investor Day, the company announced the future for the franchise, which includes the upcoming movie, a new theme park ride, and, yes, the MMO. TFW2005 reports that Hasbro confirmed a worldwide rollout for the title: "The upcoming Transformers Massively Multiplaying Online Game WILL get ported to other countries as well. YAY!!!"

NetDragon is based in China and handles a number of MMO properties, including Heroes of Might and Magic Online, Dungeon Keeper Online and a new version of Ultima Online.

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